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Aamir Imtiaz Is a very papular poet. Aamir new Young poet he belongs from Rawalpindi Pakistan. Aamir Imtiaz has the desire to write his own poetry.

Romantic Diary SoniFile Group especially appreciates Aamir Imtiaz for his Good Talent. Is 25 Years old.

His hobbies are reading books and nawol for more information.

Imtiaz’s Poetry in the Urdu language is available on the Romantic Diary Website. You can easily share our His Poetry with other friends and appreciate Aamir Imtiaz through comments.


About Aamir Imtiaz

On October 17, 1994, he was born in Barota village of Klar Syedan tehsil of Rawalpindi district. The father’s name is Muhammad Imtiaz. The father’s source of livelihood is farming. He has an older sister and a younger brother.

Aamir marriage happened in December 2015 in his community. God blessed him with a son in October 2016 and a daughter in December 2019. The son’s name is Muhammad Mumtaz Raza and therefore the daughter’s name is Mahnoor Aamir.

Aamir completed his primary classes at a government-grade school within the village, then matriculated in the nearby town of Smoot. Since then he has been working during a business center during a nearby town.

Aamir was keen on Urdu poetry since childhood. He wont to read various literary books and magazines during his school days. Among the poets, Dagh Dehlavi, Ghalib, Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq, Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan’s speech was especially studied, and till today reading poetry also as various literary books is his lifestyle.

He started his poetry career in 2010 but stopped writing for a few reasons. He started writing poetry again in 2018. Amir Ramtiaz wrote his first ghazal.

“Pray on behalf of me at any time.”

Fulfill the guarantees that are left. “

If you contact the famous Urdu poetess of India “Shabina Adib Sahiba” for the correction of …

Shabina Adib praised this ghazal and blessed it with many prayers. 

To date, many of Aamir Imtiaz’s lyrics are published on various websites, YouTube, and particularly on social media.

Thanks to the tireless work of Aamir Imtiaz’s friend Waheed Afsar (Abbottabad) and a special love for Aamir, there’s also a mobile application called Aamir Imtiaz Poetry on the Google Play Store. there’s an outsized collection of poetry by Aamir Imtiaz Aamir.

Amir Ramtiaz writes poetry in Urdu also as his maternal language Pothwari and Punjabi.

Aamir Poetry Types:

Islamic Poetry

Sad Poetry

Love Poetry


Poetry Videos

Amir’s the biggest wish is to publish his book of poetry.

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Aamir Imtiaz Poetry
Aamir Imtiaz Poetry
Aamir Imtiaz Poetry
Aamir Imtiaz Poetry
Aamir Imtiaz Poetry
Aamir Imtiaz Poetry

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